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Tamisha & Alix 06/23/17: The Happy Ending

A few weeks ago Suse and I had the pleasure of decorating the wedding ceremony and reception of Tamisha and Alix Joseph. It was a beautiful late afternoon in the town of Plymouth at the Bournedale Function Facility. The wedding theme was pink & bling. This bride loves all things that glitter and shine. Tall crystal chandelier style centerpieces & silk fuchsia flowers with pastel accents placed perfectly on each table. A fuchsia sash on each chair. The brides sweetheart table covered in silver sparkle sequin tablecloth and adorned with crystal candle decor and a silk flower centerpiece. 

The bridal party gleamed in fuchsia and navy attire. The bride was stunning in her sweetheart fitted mermaid gown with gorgeous beaded detailing (purchased from our boutique).

One would describe the day as perfect. Perfect scenery, perfect weather, everyone arrived on time and ready to celebrate this wonderful couple.  And to think this wedding was almost cancelled a few weeks prior.

Rewind to the beginning...

I first met Tamisha and Alix at their engagement photo shoot. Our photography service was recommended by their Wedding Planner. My first impression of the bride-to-be was very positive. She was this excited, joyous, future bride that laughed at every turn and smiled until dusk. Her husband though more reserved, was very polite, friendly and I could see he was proud of the woman on his arm. By far one of the best photo shoots I participated in. After the shoot we parted ways and soon after they received their photos. 

A few months later I was reunited with the future Mrs under a different circumstance. The planner that she contracted went missing and she reached out to me for help as I was familiar with the planner. Months of phone calls, texts, emails and dialogue with the bride doing all I could to assist her and encourage her to continue with her wedding, despite learning last minute that her vendors were not paid with the large amount she provided to her planner. The wedding was almost cancelled due to this issue. 

A couple as sweet as Tamisha and Alix, we did not want their special day ruined so we continued to offer our assistance, put together her decor and floral package, and worked with her now tighter budget to create the wedding of her dreams. She was also surrounded by love and positive reinforcement from her loved ones. 

The wedding day turned out amazing and I am so grateful I was able to witness roses grow from the ashes. Sounds of laughter, applause and cheers continued throughout the night. Though the beginning may have been rocky, the ending was definitely a happily ever after.

Cheers to happy endings and renewed beginnings!

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