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My wedding was in Haiti back in 2011. She made sure that I got the perfect dress to fit the Queen that i was that day and put all my bridesmaids on point.thank you so much hun...XOXO

Myrlande Vaillant Emanuel

She is gifted and she always delivers!! I would definitely recommend her for any events!

Lidwine Bernard

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding. They took my size and we ordered the dress. I live in Montreal/Canada and it fit perfectly. Suse's has patience and gives excellent service. I recommend her to everyone !

Brunette Mota

I got my dream wedding dress from Suse's Weddings. She is also doing all my flowers and decor!! I can't wait to see everything all put together. She is amazing hands down!! Perfect dress perfect everything!! 10 more days to go!! June 23 2017. I will post picture!!

Tamisha & Alix
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