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Chronicles Of A Wedding Planner: My Wedding Reflection

I thought I would have so much time to cover my wedding journey step by step. I did so much. Crossing tasks off my list and seeming to add more on. Time definitely flies by when one is kept busy. Even with all my experience, planning my own wedding opened my eyes to so much more. I actually appreciate my role in the life of a bride more than before. As I am usually the one shielding the bride from all forms of stress or obstacles, I found myself discovering ways of giving myself the same courtesy. As much thought as I put into this wedding, this is the most stress FREE event I've ever planned.

How did I stay stress free in all of this? Simple. Any obstacle that presented itself, I made the decision to only focus on all possible solutions and proceed to choose the best solution that will eradicate the obstacle in front of me. I also stick to my "yes" and "no". Whatever I can do I will. But if I cannot, I have no problem saying no with a smile on my face. A bride can't ever please everyone. She accommodates as best as she can BUT ultimately the most important thing is her and her future husband's happiness and satisfaction. So my husband and I buckled down and made it all happen ourselves along with the help of my bridal team.

We are the bridal business. So what happens when a production company owner marries a wedding planner? Answer, everything comes easy. The linens, the chair covers, the decor, the floral, the lighting, the floor plan layout, the draping, the centerpieces, the lounge furniture, booking all talent, all of the details, everything was produced by us. All we needed was a completely empty space to fill with our ideas and dreams.

I love to add my unique touch to every event and put on my inventors hat. My husband shares that same sentiment. My favorite part of the wedding was the Crowning Ceremony. We were looking for something that we could incorporate in our Royalty theme. My husband mentioned crowns. That we both have crowns. With that statement, we brainstormed on how we could execute a Crowning Ceremony. It's something I've never heard of before so there was no set of instructions that I could google. I decided to create the wording myself. Words that will be a future tradition for our children when they get married. We walked into the wedding ceremony without an official title, but we walked back down that aisle not just as a husband and wife, but also as a King & Queen to one another. It is something I will always remember.

Now that the makeup is wiped off and the bowtie is loosened, I am still in awe that I am a Mrs to the most amazing man for me. The magic that our guests witnessed that day, the connection that they observed, that is our everyday life. We are each other's backbone and truly partners in life, in love and in business. Now it's back to making wedding dreams come true one bride at a time. I already jumpstarted 2019 with planning some pretty awesome themed weddings. I look forward to providing them with the same excitement and cherished moments that I provided for myself.

With each new client, I'm sure I'll reminisce on one of the most joyful days of my life. The memories have made being a Wedding Planner all the more sweet.

Contact me to plan the wedding of your dreams

Signing Off,

Your Wedding Planner

MRS. Casimir ;-)

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