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An Engagement Dinner To Remember: Chronicles Of A Wedding Planner

It's Sunday. As I watch the sun rise and listen to the calm of the morning I flashback to last night's festivities. Yesterday was our engagement dinner. An event I have been excitingly anticipating for about a month. Everything had to be perfect. White rosette table cloth, gold chargers under gold accented china, white silk flower centerpieces atop crystal and gold table chandeliers. The sun was shining brightly and I sighed in relief as there was a down pour of rain the night before.

My fiancé wore a white dress shirt that had a splash of every color, crisp dark blue jeans and caramel tone dress shoes. I wore a fitted purple gown with a multi color rainbow necklace to compliment the Mr. At first we were going to wear all white but our dynamic is so different and colorful we wanted to be more expressive in attire. Also the many colors represented the pending merge of our families.

This engagement dinner as I mentioned in my previous post was an intimate gathering of family members only. Upbeat Caribbean music played throughout the night as our families mixed and mingled. We made introductions and encouraged those who have never had an interaction to get to know one another. It is important to us that both sides understand it is not just us getting married, they are not to be considered as in-laws, but they are to see one another as immediate family. His cousin, his aunt, her uncle, her mother, is yours too.

As the night carried on we ate tasty food our families cooked, drank wine and the dessert I ordered from my good friend and baker was delicious! Full with love (and food lol), we got up and danced throughout the night. It couldn't have been more perfect. Perfect doesn't mean there couldn't have been hiccups in the plan, it was the people that made it perfect. The genuine people that stayed with us all night and celebrated our union to come,. My fiancé who has been my backbone since the day we met. It is these people I love and appreciate.

Though I slightly wish I can rewind to last night again, I have more to look forward to. Our shower is in a few months and then our wedding is soon after! In the meantime the excitement doesn't stop as I get to participate and plan the celebrations of others. Cheers to the career that gets to share in love and happiness!

Signing Off

Your Wedding Planner (& soon to be Mrs.)

Gesphania Auguste

And for your viewing pleasure here's a snippet of our engagement dinner. Enjoy!

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