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My Most Challenging Client: Chronicles Of A Wedding Planner

Over the years of dressing brides, decorating ceremonies, and captivating crowds with our superb reception expertise, I am facing the most challenging yet fulfilling client as a wedding planner, myself. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this planner is now the bride. Being my own planner is an experience I must say. Doing my own reminders, making my own lists, keeping on schedule... I cross every t and dot every i. With a few months remaining, I am slowing my pace down as the finish line is over the horizon.

The colors are blush, slate blue, champagne and ivory. I am a lover of pastels especially the pink family. The theme is royalty. Most brides prefer simplicity in her bridal party, however, I myself I love all things glamorous. Look forward to elaborate attire and intricate patterns. The isle is our runway. As they celebrate us, we in turn celebrate and honor them. Kings, Queens and members of my Royal Family will be in attendance... Excuse my day dream of the pending future. I am getting ahead of myself.

I look forward to seeing all the hard work and bringing our vision to life (Yes OUR vision. My fiancé is very much involved every step of the way and I love all his ideas!). Today I continue adding crystals to my gown. 5000 so far and counting! I love my bling projects for brides but this one of course I am attached to the most. I am almost finished and my hands couldn't be happier!

This weekend will kick off the beginning of our families coming together in the name of love with our Royal Family Engagement Dinner. We wanted to have an intimate celebration instead of the expected grandiose engagement party. I will post photos in my next post.

Until then I'll leave you with a sneak peak of our parties bridal bouquets made by us (Suse's Weddings) of course!

If you want your wedding planned by the experts, contact us! Just like I am making my own dreams come to life, I love using my creativity to produce the visions of my fellow brides.


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